About Me

Welcome to my shop, Gu Spirit. My name is Kai Yi Chu and I am a serial entrepreneur, a veteran marketing professional, and a product design enthusiast.  Last year (Nov - Dec 2019), I did a pop-up product show, The Cool Design Show, to support independent creators. Now I am officially joining them to launch my own apparel brand. 

Why am I doing this? I have been searching for an opportunity to turn my passion and expertise into something impactful over my whole career. As a native Chinese, I am fascinated by China ancient art, especially Chinese porcelain, which is also called 'China'. While studying the history of Chinese porcelain, I got this idea to use my design and Ecommerce skills to bring these extraordinary ancient artworks back to our modern daily life. Learn more about the meaning of the brand name Gu Spirit here

I truly believe we should always remember our roots. Chinese ancient art is not only just for Chinese but for humanity. No matter who you are and where you come from, I hope you like my works and these apparels can help us carry our ancestors' spirit forwards and build a brighter future altogether. 

    kai chu facepainting