No matter what you sell and where you sell (Amazon, Etsy, eBay, your website, or even retail stores), as long as your products are family-friendly and well-designed, we'd love to hear from you. Each of our shows has a certain theme. To create the most unique, immersive, and instagrammable installation, we have to use our imagination to pick and choose which products to use and how. 

To partner with us is easy and risk-free. If you are independent creators or small business owners, we don't charge to feature your products in the show. All you need to provide are:

  • your sample products on our request
  • your brand and product introduction
  • the ways to purchase your products, and the non-exclusive, royalty-free
  • non-transferable rights to use your trademark, logos, and products for the purposes of display
  • an optional coupon or discount offer for show visitors

What you will get in return:

  • product installation in the show
  • brand shoutout at the show
  • referral traffic to your online store
  • sales leads to your business
  • user generated content on social
  • professional photos of your product installation and live event*

We do our best to promote the shows and attract more visitors. We would appreciate your support by spreading the word within your community. 

Due to privacy concern, we don't sell or share any user data but can help you reach to show attendances or our site visitors with a result-driven digital campaign at any budget you feel comfortable. 

If all above sound interesting to you and you believe your products are unique and cool, simply fill the contact form and we will get back to you soon.